Ramona (Lacy) Fowler, FACHE

Managing Partner


Ramona (Lacy) Fowler is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Prism Healthcare Partners and brings more than 25 years’ experience helping hundreds of hospitals and health systems improve their financial, operational and clinical performance. She is a nationally recognized expert in operational management and supply chain management and is the co-architect of Prism’s clinical and supply chain methodologies.

As the practice leader for the expense reduction practices of Wellspring Partners, including Labor, Human Resources and Non-Labor, Ramona helped grow Wellspring to become the third-largest healthcare consulting company in the country. Ramona has worked with more than 100 clients to improve their operations by millions, in many cases more than $20 million in annually recurring benefit, and in some cases more than $75 million.

Representative Engagements

  • Led expense reduction efforts at six-hospital health system and academic medical center in Northeast with net patient revenue of $1.7 billion. Expense component included implementation of labor productivity system, supply chain expense reduction initiative and redesign of human resource benefit programs. Produced over $75 million in implemented annual savings, including $25 million in labor, $35 million in supply chain, including pharmacy and oncology, and $20 million savings in human resource benefits and retirement initiatives.
  • Led performance improvement efforts at regional health system in New York state with $750 million in net patient revenue and over 300 providers across four hospitals, senior living center and home health, delivering over $30 million in savings across supply chain, clinical, clinical labor and physician operations. Implemented over $12 million in annual cost reduction opportunities, $12 million in clinical improvement, including reduction in length of stay, excess days and clinical denials along with enhanced CDI revenues, $5 million in labor savings and $2.3 million in physician operations from patient access. Focus on integration across the acute care hospitals, critical access hospital and physician group.
  • Led expense reduction project for $1.2 billion Catholic healthcare system with nine hospitals. Implemented $44 million in annual benefit, including $28 million in supply chain and $16 million in human resources. Supply chain savings included nursing supplies, physician preference items, food services, laundry/linen, transcription, blood management, IT, telecommunications, pharmacy and outsourced services. Human resources savings included compensation, employee benefits and pharmaceuticals.
  • Served as client advisor to health system in Pacific Northwest with over $750 million in operating expenses. Project goal was to implement labor, supply chain and compensation savings. Implemented $27 million of annual benefit, including $21 million in labor and $5 million in supply chain savings.
  • Directed cost reduction projects at more than 100 hospitals to aggressively reduce costs by 5 to 15% in supply and purchased services areas through contract renegotiation, product standardization, value analysis, supply utilization, price benchmarking and group purchasing organization utilization.


  • Principal and Expense Management Practice Leader, Wellspring Partners
  • Partner and National Supply Chain Practice Leader, Arthur Andersen, LLP