The foundation of every hospital is its people. Your staff is charged with delivering the outcomes that determine your hospital’s quality scores and reimbursements. Astute workforce management will maximize your organization’s success.

Prism’s human resources experts are skilled in addressing the challenges and implementing the cultural changes that will transform your staff into a team, reduce costs, and help you reach your long-term strategic goals.

Whether you have recently undergone a merger or just need your Human Resources Department to better support your goals, we will help you identify and implement efficiencies, optimize your workforce, and integrate HR into strategic planning.

There are plenty of HR consultants out there. Here’s the Prism difference:

  • We offer more experienced professionals with deep subject matter expertise. Prism hires only seasoned healthcare HR experts, who truly understand workforce optimization, strategy, and performance improvement.
  • We understand the challenges presented by ever-changing regulations and a multi-generational workplace. Our consultants will take the time to learn about your workforce demographics and your goals, so you can turn challenges into opportunities.
  • We work closely with leadership, including C-suite executives, to bring visibility and insights into complex HR methodologies and issues, fostering true integration of your HR programs.
  • We help you balance 1) productivity with employee health and 2) incentives with disincentives, so that you can recruit and retain top talent and support them in their career development.
  • We take a holistic approach to developing solutions that are focused on long-term strategic goals, not just financial savings. Rather than changing only compensation, benefits, or other individual components in isolation, we offer a broader perspective, looking at how all HR programs interact with each other and impact the organization.

Prism experts don’t see Human Resources as a department detached from the surgical unit, the cafeteria, or the C-suite. We see HR as integral to the success of the entire hospital operation. By implementing a team approach, we’ll help you have honest conversations about your organization’s identity in the market, your goals, and how to achieve them.