At Prism, workforce optimization is about giving your staff the tools and support they need to be more efficient in a healthcare environment that is more challenging than ever before. Whether that means leveraging technology or changing the physical layout of a busy floor, there is no standard, one-size-fits-all solution for every hospital or system. Prism’s expert labor staff, armed with deep subject matter expertise and a keen understanding of analytics, develop and help you implement solutions tailored to your hospital’s challenges.

Our consultants collaborate with your healthcare managers to understand the work and services they provide and to optimize labor productivity while maintaining or improving quality and service. Because Prism’s experts have served as nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and leaders at hospitals across the country, they can ask the right questions and develop the trust needed to implement sustainable improvements.

Patient flow is key to workforce optimization and reducing costs. As a patient walks through the door, interacts with your staff, moves to a prepared room, and eats a meal, there are many opportunities to optimize resources and simultaneously improve quality of care and patient satisfaction. By collaborating with providers, Prism is immersed in patient flow and care delivery, truly understanding where there are impediments to efficiency.

We understand process redesign, which has become a hollow buzzword. If done right, it delivers sustainable ways to reduce redundancy and eliminate waste. If your previous “process redesign” efforts haven’t accomplished that, they didn’t dig deep enough.

Here’s how we break down target areas for improvement:

  • Benchmarking, statistics, data. We can help you determine appropriate labor productivity targets and then adhere to them.
  • Span of control/management structure. Organizational structure redesign can reduce duplicate responsibilities and help streamline department assignments.
  • Patient care delivery and support. Efficiencies in workflow, processes, workforce alignment, and scheduling, for both patients and staff, can all improve quality and patient satisfaction, while helping the bottom line.
  • Corporate system rationalization. After a merger or acquisition, the central corporate office must transform to avoid wasting opportunities for economies of scale.
  • Labor productivity monitoring tools. Keeping an eye on metrics, through tools like variance reporting and custom dashboards, can greatly enhance accountability, ensuring the long-term sustainability of your improvements.
  • Staff schedule optimization. Prism’s labor consultants are experts in aligning schedules to help your organization find its optimal mix of part-time and full-time staff and create maximum flexibility. Optimizing staff schedules also delivers improved work-life balance and reduces overtime and turnover.