Effective management of a physician enterprise is critical to an integrated health system’s success, especially now as healthcare is changing more rapidly than ever. Physicians and hospitals must work together to advance common goals of quality care, patient and provider satisfaction, and financial success. To achieve these objectives, physician engagement and accountability are essential.

Although it can be a challenge, removing barriers to patient entry and improving physicians’ operational efficiency are well worth the undertaking. Such changes will increase provider, staff, and patient satisfaction while reducing subsidies, allowing the system to reinvest and grow strategically.

Prism’s physician operations consultants work with physicians and advanced practice providers at many different types of healthcare organizations, including community hospitals, large multi-hospital systems, and academic medical centers, to improve operations and financial performance. Our consultants deliver improvements your providers and staff are passionate about implementing, and then we work with them to get it done. Never formulaic, we tailor our approach to each unique enterprise and their specific needs in the following areas:

  • Patient Access and Throughput. We streamline provider scheduling to improve patient access. Often, providers do not realize how restrictive and inefficient their schedules are and how difficult it is for patients to make an appointment.
  • Cancellation Management. Prism can reduce inbound and outbound cancellations and target “no shows” using predictive analytics.
  • Support Staff. We evaluate non-provider staffing utilization and skill sets to ensure that everyone is working at the top of their license. Do you have the right mix of providers in the right locations? Using benchmarks as a guide, we redesign workflows and responsibilities to improve performance and realign costs.
  • Hospitalists. A high-functioning hospitalist program reduces costs and increases throughput in the hospital and emergency department. It also leads to better coordination of care, increased provider and patient satisfaction, and provider/hospital reimbursements that are in sync with pay for performance. Prism’s experts can help improve and align your hospitalist program to your organization’s performance goals such as facilitating throughput, LOS management, and patient engagement.
  • Physician Compensation Alignment. Moving away from fee-for-service means you must align provider contracts and service agreements with your organization’s strategic and operational goals. For example, if you pay penalties on readmissions or hospital-acquired infections, shouldn’t your provider incentives reflect that reality? We partner with your organization to align operating agreements and provider contracts to key areas.
  • Service Line Rationalization. Prism experts can help you assess clinical service line expansion or contraction, consolidating or growing selected practice sites and specialties to position your organization for continued success.
  • Referral Management. We help integrate primary care with specialty care by aligning incentives and removing barriers so you don’t lose referral opportunities.
  • Leveraging Data. Prism’s physician consultants help make your hospital’s data work for you. Implementing improved management and physician dashboards helps boost performance accountability. Removing barriers to efficiency and empowering physicians to take the lead helps everyone work toward the same goals, whether they are reducing length of stay or cost per case.