Strategies for enhancing Pharmacy revenue – Real world success stories

August 2019
In this webinar, Anita McAllister, PharmD and Bruce Gordon, PharmD will discuss driving revenue through the pharmacy, including streamlining...
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How UW Health increased revenues and cut costs through middle revenue cycle improvements

February 2019
In a recent webinar, University of Wisconsin Health System and Prism Healthcare Partners discussed how the health system increased revenues ...
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How UW Health System Drove Millions in Savings with an End-to-End Labor Management System Solution

July 2018
UW Health and Prism hosted a webinar on how the health system drove millions in savings with an end-to-end labor management system. Leaders ...
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Improve Patient Access and Increase Revenue Without Adding Physicians or Available Clinic Hours

April 2018
Efficient patient access provides several organizational benefits, including improved care, enhanced revenue and increased patient loyalty. ...
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Politics don’t change our mission: A candid conversation for healthcare executives in 2018

January 2018
Irrespective of politics, the $3 trillion healthcare industry will experience significant pressures and challenges in 2018. The gears of val...
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