How to navigate today’s healthcare environment and remain financially sound

As hospitals and health systems face rising expenses and declining reimbursements, it is crucial for these organizations to make operational adjustments to ensure long-term financial success. During a panel discussion at the Becker’s Hospital Review 7th Annual CEO + CFO Roundtable in Chicago, several C-suite executives offered insights into how organizations can achieve financial sustainability…. Read More

Optimize patient throughput with these 4 hospital-hospitalist alignment strategies

In many hospitals, hospitalists routinely care for at least 50 percent of inpatients — so when physician alignment falls out of place, the entire hospital feels the effects. Becker’s Hospital Review recently caught up with Prism Managing Director Bonnie Barndt-Maglio, RN, PhD to discuss common challenges hospitals encounter in hospitalist programs and strategies for overcoming… Read More

How to develop an effective patient throughput initiative

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Could Your Organization Survive if Medicare Was Your Best Payer?

As healthcare reform is revolutionizes the payment model to include penalties for poor quality, bundled payments, and at risk capitation reimbursement, providers must strengthen their performance to be profitable at Medicare reimbursement rates. What will it take to survive on Medicare rates in your organization? Most executives will need to reduce expenses by 20% to… Read More