The hospital executive survival guide: 3 articles on achieving financial stability

Healthcare executives today face intense pressures to increase operational efficiencies and identify savings opportunities without sacrificing innovation. This e-book includes three articles that examine how healthcare CEOs, CFOs and COOs are working to keep their organizations financially viable with more strategic approaches to operations and a relentless commitment to performance improvement.

How to navigate today’s healthcare environment and remain financially sound

As hospitals and health systems face rising expenses and declining reimbursements, it is crucial for these organizations to make operational adjustments to ensure long-term financial success. During a panel discussion at the Becker’s Hospital Review 7th Annual CEO + CFO Roundtable in Chicago, several C-suite executives offered insights into how organizations can achieve financial sustainability…. Read More

How UW Health Saved Millions with a Labor Management System

Healthcare leaders are looking for new, thoughtful and fact-based approaches to improve labor costs. In a recent webinar, UW Health’s Wayne Frangesch, Chief Human Resources Officer, and Philip Musgrave, Manager, Pricing and Financial Modeling, partnered with Prism’s Stephen Lothrop, Managing Director, and Sachin Sharma, Director, to share how a data-driven labor management system can deliver… Read More

Healthcare “State of the Union”: 7 things for leaders to know

In a recent webinar, leaders from Prism and Hospital Sisters Health System discussed the major trends shaping the healthcare industry and how hospitals are reacting. The ACA lives on, but continuous political uncertainty and weakening of Obama-era healthcare reform policies have created enough friction to necessitate some strategic course corrections for hospitals and health systems…. Read More

11 things to know about using HR in labor expense reduction

Becker’s Hospital Review caught up with Neil Faux, Managing Director at Prism, about 11 key considerations for executives planning labor cost reduction initiatives and the value of leveraging human resources departments to minimize cultural fallout during transition periods.

8 things to know about best practices for labor infrastructure

Hospitals and health systems face tough choices today about how to manage their expensive — and highly valuable — staff as declining reimbursement exerts downward pressure on operating costs. In a recent article for Becker’s Hospital Review, Prism’s Steve Lothrop and Joni Coccagna, RN share how to optimize labor management and productivity.

5 minutes, 6 tips for executive teams on successful integration

As health systems merge and acquire more hospitals, they often find the integration process is harder, takes longer and results in fewer benefits than expected. Here, Prism’s Mukesh Gangwal and Jan van Londen share six tips for hospital system CEOs to plan and implement more successful system integration programs.

The healthcare executive’s 2-minute read on priorities in 2017: Labor optimization and human resources

Prism’s Brad Fetters and Neil Faux shared insights with Becker’s Hospital Review on areas healthcare leaders should prioritize now in workforce and human resources to improve performance amid potential major industry changes. Learn more about their recommendations, including rationalization for initiatives, the importance of accountability, updating job descriptions, and the remaining market-competitive.