The hospital executive survival guide: 3 articles on achieving financial stability

Healthcare executives today face intense pressures to increase operational efficiencies and identify savings opportunities without sacrificing innovation. This e-book includes three articles that examine how healthcare CEOs, CFOs and COOs are working to keep their organizations financially viable with more strategic approaches to operations and a relentless commitment to performance improvement.

Relentless commitment to performance improvement: 3 CFOs describe what it looks like in their health systems

Continual performance improvement is the key to health system survival in today’s challenging financial  environment. At a recent private executive roundtable hosted by Prism Healthcare Partners, a panel of hospital and health system CFOs discussed  a variety of challenges and opportunities their organizations have faced in pursuing and driving performance improvement. Moderated by Sean Angert,… Read More

How to navigate today’s healthcare environment and remain financially sound

As hospitals and health systems face rising expenses and declining reimbursements, it is crucial for these organizations to make operational adjustments to ensure long-term financial success. During a panel discussion at the Becker’s Hospital Review 7th Annual CEO + CFO Roundtable in Chicago, several C-suite executives offered insights into how organizations can achieve financial sustainability…. Read More

A win-win-win — Improving patient access betters physicians, patients & processes

When considering improving patient access, the obvious solution may seem to be adding physicians or extending clinic hours. But doing so can drive up expenses and exacerbate physician burnout. How can organizations drive change in this area, and where should they start? Prism’s recent patient access webinar, featuring Mary Baker, chief clinical operations officer for… Read More

Healthcare “State of the Union”: 7 things for leaders to know

In a recent webinar, leaders from Prism and Hospital Sisters Health System discussed the major trends shaping the healthcare industry and how hospitals are reacting. The ACA lives on, but continuous political uncertainty and weakening of Obama-era healthcare reform policies have created enough friction to necessitate some strategic course corrections for hospitals and health systems…. Read More