3 ways to optimize pharmacy revenue capture and boost the bottom line

Healthcare executives need look no further than the pharmacy department to drive new revenue. Historically, the pharmacy department has been one of a hospital’s greatest cost centers. However, as pharmacy expert Anita Groves McAllister shows here, the pharmacy can actually be a major contributor to revenue — with little upfront investment. Read on for three… Read More

How asset relifing can (painlessly) boost your bottom line

How long can you expect a hospital bed to last? What about that recently purchased centrifuge or aging asphalt parking lot? Asset lifing seeks to answer these questions and provide hospitals and health systems millions of dollars in annually recurring benefit to their bottom line. Tim Baker recently sat alongside client SCL Health to explain… Read More

5 minutes, 6 tips for executive teams on successful integration

As health systems merge and acquire more hospitals, they often find the integration process is harder, takes longer and results in fewer benefits than expected. Here, Prism’s Mukesh Gangwal and Jan van Londen share six tips for hospital system CEOs to plan and implement more successful system integration programs.

Purchased Services: The Last Frontier in Expense Reduction

If given an opportunity to generate rapid and significant savings and improve efficiency and quality of care at your organization, would you take it? If you answered “yes,” Prism Healthcare Partners’ Ramona (Lacy) Fowler advises providers to take a look at their purchased services spend, a lucrative but often untouched area of opportunity in supply chain… Read More

Could Your Organization Survive if Medicare Was Your Best Payer?

As healthcare reform is revolutionizes the payment model to include penalties for poor quality, bundled payments, and at risk capitation reimbursement, providers must strengthen their performance to be profitable at Medicare reimbursement rates. What will it take to survive on Medicare rates in your organization? Most executives will need to reduce expenses by 20% to… Read More