ACA Repeal and Replace: What Providers Should be Doing

March 27, 2017

As Congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump move forward with their plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, hospitals and health systems across the country should develop an action plan for responding to the most likely changes. On March 27, Prism’s Mukesh Gangwal hosted a webinar on ACA repeal and replace and what hospitals and health systems should do to position their organizations for success. Attendees learned:

  • An update on the latest potential elements of repeal and replace under consideration
  • Actions hospitals and health systems should take now, regardless of the form that repeal or replace takes
  • Discussion of the future of value-based care and physician networks


  • Mukesh Gangwal, President and CEO, Prism Healthcare Partners
  • Molly Gamble, Editor in Chief, Becker’s Hospital Review


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