Politics don’t change our mission: A candid conversation for healthcare executives in 2018

January 25, 2018

Irrespective of politics, the $3 trillion healthcare industry will experience significant pressures and challenges in 2018. The gears of value-based care — set in motion under the ACA — are unlikely to lose momentum in the face of legislative uncertainty. Similarly, hospitals’ missions to improve patient lives and community well-being are not subject to the nation’s diplomatic climate. After a year of government turmoil, hospital executives are returning to healthcare’s roots in service and compassion to set plans for 2018.

On January 25, executives from Prism and Hospital Sisters Health System hosted a webinar to discuss how hospitals and health systems are preparing for success and promoting their missions in 2018, despite the significant pressures and challenges facing the industry.

Webinar attendees learned:

  • Takeaways from a CFO + CEO roundtable discussion in November 2017.
  • How their peers and colleagues are preparing for success over the next year.
  • Recommendations from industry experts on ways to promote a hospital’s mission within its community.


  • David Nosacka, Division Chief Financial Officer, HSHS
  • Mukesh Gangwal, President and CEO, Prism Healthcare Partners
  • Brad Fetters, Chief Operating Officer, Prism Healthcare Partners
  • Moderated by Molly Gamble, Editor-in-Chief, Becker’s Hospital Review


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Managing Director

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