How UW Health System Drove Millions in Savings with an End-to-End Labor Management System Solution

August 8, 2018

UW Health and Prism hosted a webinar on how the health system drove millions in savings with an end-to-end labor management system. Leaders from UW Health and Prism shared how the organization built and implemented its labor management system and offered lessons learned along the way.

Webinar attendees learned how to structure and implement a sustainable labor management system, including:

  • How to overcome objections and gain buy-in at all levels
  • Who should be involved in leading the charge, including roles and responsibilities
  • How to create a transparent and effective system of accountability
  • How to leverage data to measure and improve productivity
  • Key components in a successful position control process
  • How to manage volumes and fill positions appropriately
  • Translating targets to schedules


  • Wayne Frangesch, Chief Human Resources Officer, UW Health
  • Philip Musgrave, Manager, Pricing and Financial Modeling, UW Health
  • Steve Lothrop, Managing Director, Prism Healthcare Partners
  • Sachin Sharma, Director, Prism Healthcare Partners
  • Moderated by Molly Gamble, VP of Editorial and Editor-in-Chief, Becker’s Hospital Review


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