Improve Patient Access and Increase Revenue Without Adding Physicians or Available Clinic Hours

Efficient patient access provides several organizational benefits, including improved care, enhanced revenue and increased patient loyalty. Implementing sustainable change in this area, however, remains a daunting challenge for many organizations. But improving patient access is possible, and it can be achieved by working smarter rather than working longer. On April 17, Mary Baker, Chief Clinical… Read More

Take these actions to immediately improve patient throughput

Discharge processing and inefficient patient flow can impede an organization’s ability to move patients through the system and create a number of costly setbacks, from long ED wait times to poor physician morale. On October 2, experts from Prism hosted a webinar with Becker’s Hospital Review to share immediate actions hospital leaders can take to prevent… Read More

ACA Repeal and Replace: What Providers Should be Doing

As Congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump move forward with their plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, hospitals and health systems across the country should develop an action plan for responding to the most likely changes. On March 27, Prism’s Mukesh Gangwal hosted a webinar on ACA repeal and replace and what… Read More