Physician Operations

Improving physician practice operations – while driving physician engagement and accountability — are critical for promoting quality care, increasing patient satisfaction, and ensuring financial success for both your institution and your physician stakeholders.

Prism’s consultants work with healthcare systems, physicians and advanced practice providers to improve patient access to care — and boost revenues — by reducing common barriers and inefficiencies that often keep patients at bay. We help improve physician practice operations to reduce hospital subsidy levels, enhance your medical groups’ income, and improve your health system’s ambulatory and inpatient financial performance.

We also align operational and financial incentives across your institution and your physicians – including compensation arrangements — so everyone can thrive and share accountability in today’s high-risk, pay-for-performance environment.

Prism’s expert consultants can assist with physician practice operations in the following areas:

Patient Access, Scheduling, and Referrals Management. We streamline inefficient scheduling processes to make it easier for patients to get physician appointments. We reduce cancellations using predictive analytics to target likely patient “no shows.” We’ll also help integrate your primary care operations with your specialists so you don’t lose potential referrals.

Physician Compensation and Staffing. Prism helps align provider contracts and service agreements with your organization’s broader strategic and operational goals – such as linking compensation to re-admission rates, hospital-acquired infections, lengths of stay (LOS), or cost per case.

Service Line Rationalization. We can help you determine which clinical service lines, specialties and physician practice sites to expand, contract, consolidate, or grow to ensure your organization’s continued success.

EHR Integration and Data Leveraging. Prism’s physician consultants help make your hospital’s and your physicians’ data work to everyone’s advantage. We’ll implement physician dashboards and other data management techniques to boost performance and accountability. We’ll also help make sure your physicians’ data systems are integrated and aligned with your EHR system to maximize performance.


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