Revenue Improvement

At Prism, we understand that creating a better, more seamless patient financial experience at all touch points along the care continuum is not just good customer service – it also directly drives revenue improvement.

Making sure your health system provides easy access to patients and also fully captures revenue streams from third-party payers and patients is key to revenue improvement. Getting the right insurance, service authorization, financial assistance, and other information from your patients and physicians – and linking that correctly with your documentation, charge capture, coding, and billing processes – will avoid claim denials, boost your revenue streams, and improve the patient experience. Implementing a strong training and quality management program for clinical documentation that is aligned with accurate coding is essential in today’s environment. Developing an exception-based management model within the business office is the most effective approach to managing cost and driving performance. Using payor denial and payment patterns to build appropriate edits in upfront processes will reduce rework and multiple touches.

We help health systems, hospitals, and their physicians improve revenues through our expertise in revenue cycle management and clinical documentation improvement.