Clinical Documentation Improvement

Accurate medical coding and thorough clinical documentation directly impact reimbursement levels, revenues, hospital quality profiles, and physician scorecards. Yet many providers struggle to keep pace to capture and document the rigorous levels of medical data needed to be successful under emerging risk-based payment models, especially for high-volume outpatient services.

Prism’s Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) consultants, including specialists with extensive backgrounds in nursing and coding, help hospitals improve their documentation of care rendered to maximize appropriate compliant reimbursement and improve quality profiles.

Prism’s clinical documentation improvement services can be applied across the entire care continuum, and include proven methods to improve both inpatient and outpatient documentation.

Hire, train, and retain the best Clinical Documentation Specialists. We provide classroom education and intensive mentoring to help teams write successful queries, effectively communicate with physicians, accurately record key indicators (such as severity of illness and risk of mortality) and master case reconciliation.

Engage physicians. We work closely with physician leaders and medical staff to develop processes to achieve effective, consistent and ongoing physician participation in clinical documentation improvement efforts.

Establish key metrics and monitor outcomes to proactively identify and address unfavorable trends and sustain improvement. This includes clinical documentation improvement team productivity, physician engagement, and program financial and quality results. We also coach staff on how to leverage data to pinpoint ongoing opportunities for improvement

Demonstrate to senior leadership the benefits of clinical documentation improvement. Prism works closely with clients to create compelling, organization-specific dashboards and analytics to demonstrate how sustained focus on CDI secures compliant reimbursement, improves quality ratings and supports a healthy bottom line.

Contact us for a complimentary diagnostic report showing how your organization could benefit from revitalizing its clinical documentation improvement program.


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